The Value Leader in Indoor Playground Equipment for Toddlers, Children and Kids of All Ages from Design to Installation.

KidSteam is an international leader of strict safety standards for indoor playground equipment and a US based company that designs, manufactures and installs attractions for amusement venues worldwide.


KidSteam is a US based company that designs, manufactures and installs turnkey solutions or just attractions for your amusement venue. We offer unique-healthy-interactive-green results attractions (kiddie rides, indoor playground equipment, toddler soft contained playground equipment, electric trackless trains, foam machines, foam ball shooters and inflatables). We design and manufacture our products to meet applicable ASTM safety standards for lead and fire safety. Our philosophy is to design, manufacture and install unique family entertainment attractions that offer superior value through return on assets, superior footprint and capacity characteristics, modular designs, and create products that support Green Results: and healthy lifestyles. 






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Our indoor playsystem equipment is modular, so the combinations of unique indoor playgrounds are limitless.

Modular indoor playground equipment from KidSteam designed with unique indoor playground attractions for kids of all ages. Add additional indoor playground attractions without taking up more space. KidSteam designs, manufacturers and installs unique indoor soft contained playground equipment at a value price

KidSteam can build custom hand car bodies to your specifications.

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KidSteam kid powered handcars (also called hand pedal cars) pack plenty of healthy "Green" fun into small spaces. The hand cars ride on a rail circuit that can be as small as 15-feet in diameter. No power required, recyclable with great green results make this a great green product that is economical, green and fun. Standard train car bodies resemble diesel locomotives and come in aluminum or fiberglass.

Foam machines have become wildly popular at birthday parties, special events, and seasonal events across the US.

Everyone loves foam machine bubbles. Childern and adults all love foam machine bubbles. These foam machine products will create a huge bubble foam area in a matter of seconds that eveyone will have great fun enjoying the foam party event. Just turn off the foam machine and in a matter of a few minutes your foam will disappear.

If you are looking for the next form of entertainment that will transform the birthday party, festival, recreation, and resort party market look no further than FOAM MACHINES for creating Foam Parties.

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Safety & Quality

KidSteam constantly works to enhance our material and component specifications so that they meet or exceed applicable U.S. ASTM standards.

We use 3rd party testing labs approved by the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission) to provide to lead testing and fire retardant testing.   

KidSteam can provide certifications for a number of European and US safety standards contact us for details.

KidSteam indoor playgrounds can be independently inspected by local licensed inspectors to ensure that your indoor playsystem meets local safety codes.  

KidSteam is guaranteed against manufacturers defects for one year.

Why engineer and manufacture?

Why buy to a standard?

Green Initiative

KidSteam designs, manufactures and installs a full range of "Green" products: Kid Powered hand car rides, indoor playground equipment, electric trackless trains and foam machines. These products support "green results" such as zero carbon footprint, zero emissions, renewable energy and water conservation. KidSteam provides unique portable FEC furniture and provide sourcing services for other amusement related products for customers

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Kids love trackless trains, and KidSteam electric trackless trains(zero carbon emission) provide a high volume attraction for malls, zoos, parks and events. Powerful, well built for indoor or outdoor use at a value price. KidSteam electric trackless trains are profitable for all amusement applications: pay for play, hourly lease, or permanent attraction.

Buy commercial indoor playground equipment Today

With the emergence of indoor playground equipment in the 90s, the fun is no longer limited to the outdoors, where elements are unpredictable. Rain, extreme heat, snow, and even allergies are no match for the our indoor playground for kids. Parents can rest easy knowing their kids can enjoy free play no matter the day or time, allowing for great social, imaginative, and physical growth.

Based out of Dallas, Texas, KidSteam designs, manufactures and installs turnkey solutions that promote the health and overall well-being of children. Our unique and interactive attractions meet safety standards for lead and fire safety, received approvals from NJ/PA amusement officials, making our commercial playground equipment some of the safest on the market. We aim to not only create fun solutions that are built to last but also ones that do not harm our environment. KidSteam’s green initiative is powered by our "green products," such as our indoor playground equipment and kid-powered hand car rides. With zero carbon footprint and sourced by renewable energy, our commitment to health and safety has never been greater.

Our solutions live on multiple scales. Amusement venues across the globe have joined in on the fun. Attractions like our indoor playground equipment and kid-powered trains have even been featured on Disney Channel. We also love bringing fun to communities all over. Our commercial playground equipment brings joy to recreation centers, medical and health clubs, family entertainment centers, youth ministries and churches.

Our indoor commercial playground equipment enables children to experience the physical yet imaginative free play that is crucial to childhood development. We hope our indoor playgrounds for kids, foam machines, trackless trains, and kiddie rides bring equipment owners as much of a return on investment as they do joy to our users. To learn about how you can fill your large indoor space, call KidSteam, your value leader in indoor playground equipment at 866-596-1100 or 866-597-0656.

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US Indoor Playground Leader - Best Value- Cost-Quality-Install Time

Our philosophy is to design, manufacture and install unique soft contained playground attractions that offer superior value through return on assets, superior footprint - capacity characteristics, use of modular softplay designs, and create indoor playsystems, kiddie rides and electric trackless trains that support “green results and healthy lifestyles”. Three reasons to choose KidSteam indoor playground-soft play - contained play systems: 


We control the entire playground equipment supply chain which brings your organization the best overall value (cost, quality, installation time) in the soft contained play system industry. We are the only US based indoor play system business that designs soft play systems, manufactures and installs interactive children’s indoor playsystems and attractions worldwide. We control soft play design, indoor play system production, logistics and installation of your indoor playground. We warehouse soft play components in the USA and Asia to allow for quick delivery and installation of our indoor playgrounds wherever you are located. We use just-in-time manufacturing techniques in our soft play manufacturing operations. We use USA based indoor playgroundinstallation teams to ensure compliance to applicable US and European safety standards for softplay systems.


KidSteam prides itself on designing unique interactive soft play events and kiddie rides that can be incorporated into your indoor playground or family entertainment venue. We produce and incorporate unique products such as our kid-powered train ride, electric trackless trains and our unique low maintenance foam ball shooters. Many of these unique attractions have been spotlighted on the Disney Channel and HGTV in the US.


We have our own indoor playground engineers, soft play designs, and soft contained playground manufacturing. We control quality through the use of detailed soft play specifications, indoor playground manufacturing processes, and 3rd party softplay testing of raw material inputs. We over specify certain indoor playground components to make them longer lasting. We design and manufacture soft play components to meet applicable industry and country safety standards.

Indoor Playground Softplay Equipment Supply Chain


Strategic Partners

Ideal Software Systems, Inc.

Established in 1983, Ideal Software Systems is a progressive technology company with a legacy of providing quality integrated hardware and software management systems and support to the amusement, family entertainment and financial markets. Ideal Software Systems provides a comprehensive suite of integrated point-of-sale and e-commerce solutions, including inventory control, restaurant operations, customer database, redemption management, party management, cashless, access control and more, as well as hosted solutions for online ticketing, reservations and retail sales. Please visit us online at www.idealamusementsoftware.com. REQUEST INFORMATION


Kid Steam is recognized by the following associations:

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Indoor Playground Buying Process: Design, Quote, Contract, Manfacture, Install

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