Hand Pedal Car Kiddie Ride History

hodges hand pedal car

In the 1940s-1950s, small amusement parks swept the country. The highlight of the trip to the park for many children was a ride on the self propelled cars also known as the Hodges hand pedal car or pedal train. These kiddie train rides were permanently installed at over four hunderd small and large amusement parks across the USA with an estimated forty million riders served.

Redesigned hodges handcar train ride

Families today are looking for physical interactive childrens entertainment that is healthy, safe, safe for the environment(Green), exercises the body and imagination. Families are turning to the local family fun center(FEC), malls, backyard entertaining, festivals / picnics, and activity camps to provide affordable childrens entertainment.

We have redesigned the kiddie ride concept to operate as a mobile or permanent amusement ride that meets all of todays safety standards (ASTM F63 and ASTM F770) and provides interactive entertainment that exercises the body and imagination. KidSteam hand pedal kiddie rides, indoor play structures, foam equipment, and electric trackless trains have been manufactured with Green Results in mind. KidSteam designed attractions have zero carbon emissions.

Our growing customer base includes family fun centers, malls, rental companies, camps, live steam operators, retailers, summer camps, consumers and specialty retailers. Our prices start at as little as $2,500 for a starter set.


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